Saturday, July 31, 2010

more spanish!

méxico vs argentina
pool = piscina (maybe alberca) vs. pileta
jacket = chamarra vs. campera
t-shirt = playera vs. remera

rivalry - rivalidad
to score a goal - meter un gol
el fútbol es gracioso (funny)

leftovers are sobras

to leave a place is "irse," not salir. salir is more to go out. Por eso, salí de la oficina al kiosko y volví. Siempre me voy de la oficina as las 7.

with infinitives and gerunds, the pronoun can go "por atrás." Vamos a disfrutarlo. Estoy disfrutandolo.
with all other tenses, the pronoun must go adelante.


Blogger MarkusGarvey said...

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